Or as we call them, Natural Learners

Young children’s needs, socially, cognitively, and emotionally, are vastly different developmentally from older children.
— Jean Piaget’s The Child’s Conception of the World

Kazoo School’s prekindergarten was created from the vision and the drive to create a foundation of education based on respect for the individuality of all children. Our teaching practices are child-centered and developmentally appropriate.  We build on the interests of the children, and work together on short- and long-term projects.  We embrace schooling for multiple intelligences, and provide ample one-on-one attention for each child.

Young children’s brain development is different from that of an older child, both structurally and functionally. A two-year old’s brain is twice as active as that of an adult’s. Its plasticity at this stage points to the importance of a safe and caring social and emotional space coupled with a hands-on interactive environment in promoting healthy neurological growth.

With Kleinstuck Preserve as our backyard, nature and environmental awareness are important aspects of the prekindergarten program. We explore the woods often, and bring what we see, hear, touch, and smell back into the classroom.

Finally, through education based on a philosophy that teaches love, compassion, trust, fairness, and cooperation, our prekindergarteners are learning the value of community, respect and competence.

  • Each child receives careful attention by dedicated and nurturing teachers.

  • Children are involved in active learning experiences: making, doing, and creating.

  • Children spend their time cooperatively playing and learning with other children.

  • Daily activity reflects a comprehensive but flexible schedule.

  • Curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of individual children.

Prekindergarten offers morning and full day programs.  Admissions is open on a rolling basis for children 3 and 4 years old.