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The goal of the Kazoo School Arts Program is to give each student the artistic opportunity to explore, invent, create and move throughout a rich variety of opportunities at school and with the greater Kalamazoo Community.


Visual Arts

Kazoo School students have Art twice a week with Arts Director/Educator, Kim Shaw! Students explore a wide variety of visual arts curriculum created to support their specific age and basegroup. Projects may include observational drawing, sculpture, art history and genres, painting, fiber arts/sewing/knitting, fundamental design concepts, exploration of self and identity, perspective, building and architecture and making slime, of course.

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Performing arts

Students learn and explore music, theater, and dance with rotating teaching artist residencies. With local musician Kaitlin Rose, students receive a brief history of the origins of the relationship humans have with music, including studying different genres and the instruments specific to each. With local dance educator Dasan Mitchell, students explore elements of dance and movement including time, space, and energy. They then combine their new skills into a choreographed piece that they perform for the community. With local theater educator Bianca Washington, students dig deep to find the characters within themselves. They discover how a character moves, what motivates them, and how they interact with other characters. They learn what makes an exciting story, and how important it is to be a fully committed part of a team.

Beyond the residencies, Kazoo School has a strong partnership with Education for the Arts through the Kalamazoo RESA. Students have the opportunity to work with visiting artists at Kazoo School and to travel to local galleries and theaters to experience drama, visual arts and dance. EFA programming at Kazoo School includes:

  • Aesthetic Education Programming - The AE Program provides students and teachers with a rich investigation of high-quality works of art through discovery-based preparatory and viewing experiences.  Students develop their capacities for observation, analysis, questioning, and meaning making, allowing them to deeply engage with works of art while making connections to their personal experiences, the outside world, and beyond. 

  • EFA Presents - Featuring artists from Ireland to New York City to Los Angeles, EFA Presents! provides schools with easy access to performances and visual arts exhibitions from around the world.  These acclaimed works of art are available to K-12 schools at little to no cost, depending on grade level and individual work of art.  EFA includes an education guide and a partial K-8 bus rebate to assist with field trip transportation. 

  • The PACE Program - The PACE Program engages K-8 students in creative movement and drama residencies that spark imagination and personal expression.  Residencies teach the elements of the art form, emphasis artistic expression and the creative process, and celebrate the students' creative work.  To deepen the students' understanding and inspire their own original work, classes have the option of attending a world-class professional dance or theater performance.

EFA information on this page reflects program descriptions from the Education for the Arts website: https://www.kresa.org/page/265