Parent Association

The goals of the Parent Association are to help build community, increase communication and aid the school in fulfilling its mission. Meetings are held throughout the school year.

The Kazoo Parent Association works together with students and faculty to make Kazoo School the best it can be. Some of our activities are to help maintain and beautify the school grounds, coordinate community and faculty meals, and host social events on and off campus so that families can get to know each other better. The PA also organizes fundraisers to support Kazoo School’s mission to Teach the Whole Child.

Parents are always welcome in the building. This is a school community where parents and teachers work in partnership on behalf of children. 

Parents are invited to help at school by being a recess volunteer, sharing artistic, legal, financial, public relations, marketing, governance, architectural or fundraising expertise, recycling pick-ups, carpentry, refreshments for events, computer work…and many, many other activities. The Parent Association maintains a database of volunteer skills and resources to share with faculty and administration.

Classroom Volunteers

Your child’s teacher may have classroom activities with which you can help such as being a reading listener, typing stories, making presentations in your area of interest or expertise, or driving for field trips. Teachers may solicit parent volunteers during the basegroup meeting at the beginning of the year.

Kazoo School depends on the time and effort that its parents contribute in all of these areas to provide the learning experiences that are so important for its children.

Our faculty, staff, and administrators see parents as educational partners. Our hope is that parents will actively participate in the activities of the Parent Association.