Lower School:
Grades K-5

Play, Discover, Invent, Create, Explore


What works in the lower school classroom:

  • Project-based Learning

  • Integrated Instruction

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Multiple Intelligence Curricula

Lower School Philosophy and Goals

Lower School is a nurturing and active environment where children develop close relationships with their classmates and teachers. With small class sizes, children are able to be active participants in their learning.

Children at this age thrive when they have a place where they belong, have a purpose, and feel safe. Teachers help children find ways to express their ideas and gain confidence in discussions; children are encouraged to ask questions and express their thoughts.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Children in Lower School build a strong base of academic skills through an emphasis on proficient reading, clear and effective writing, and a problem-solving approach to mathematics. Our students develop self-advocacy  skills and a genuine love of learning. Students also participate in a variety of special area classes including Creative Arts, Spanish, and daily Physical Education.

Core subject areas are often woven together in long-term studies and projects that provide a depth of knowledge for the students. When children are given the time and space to dig deep into a content area, and when their study crosses disciplines like history and math, they realize true learning that lasts a lifetime.

Lower School students buddy with older students on a frequent basis. Older students provide mentorship to younger students by reading together, helping with interdisciplinary projects, and providing an important touchpoint during all-school recess and other all-school activities.These activities help both the younger and older students to gain confidence in their skills and abilities, and give them the capacity and confidence to contribute to their broader community.