Kazoo Kids 4-H

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We are Starting an Urban 4-H Club!

The new Kazoo Kids 4-H club will meet the first Monday of every month at Kazoo School from 4-5pm.  First meeting October 7th.

4-H has so much to offer kids.  Knitting, cooking, life skills, kindness curriculum, leadership development, community service, environmental stewardship, raising animals (dogs and cats too!), gardening, farming, nutrition, robotics!!  There is something for every kid.

The 4-H program gives your kid an opportunity to participate in a statewide network of 4-H communities that promote leadership and the development of the whole child.  Kids that participate in the club will have the opportunity to create a project and share that project at the 4-H county fair.

Call Jennifer Mills Langeland (269-330-4695) or  Emily Wright  (269-370-0739)  for more information.