Why Choose Kazoo School?

Why Choose Kazoo School?2017-08-06T16:46:18+00:00
What Makes a Great School?
  • Quality teachers
  • Personal attention and small class size
  • Personal safety
  • Academic program
  • Strong sense of community
What Makes a Great Teacher at Kazoo School?
  • photo 5 (12)Great teachers set big goals for their students
  • They continually look for ways to improve their own performance and evaluate methods and outcomes.
  • They actively partner with their students and families in the education process.
  • They plan exhaustively and purposefully, working backward from the desired outcome.
  • They maintain focus, ensuring everything they do contributes to student learning.
Quality Teachers

Our teachers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.

Your child receives individualized attention from the teacher. Teachers make themselves available to students and parents who need them – before, during and after school. They are involved in school-wide committees and activities that benefit you and your child.


Personal Attention and Class Size

Classes at Kazoo School average 16 students.

20131211_120320Your child receives individualized attention. Teachers are familiar with each student’s interests, strengths and challenges. Concerns AND kudos are quickly identified and discussed with you.


Personal Safety

Students have the right to be free from hurt and to feel safe; to have personal privacy and to explore his/her own interests.

Kazoo School is a no bully zone. Your child learns and socializes with students of different ages, backgrounds, religions, cultures, and abilities. Respectful relationships are nurtured by faculty, and supported by each family.