Sunday Chat: Teacher Appreciation

Sunday Chat: Teacher Appreciation

Dear Kazoo School friends,

This week we will join schools around the country in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. Although we certainly appreciate the teachers in our lives every week, this is a special opportunity to pause and reflect on the important work of teaching, and to give our thanks to those who have committed their lives to the development of young people.

I have the great honor of working with some of the most dedicated, compassionate, innovative, generous, and knowledgeable individuals you could ever hope to encounter. This week (and every week) we appreciate our teachers for…

… how they live our mission of nurturing, empowering, and inspiring our students. Earlier in the school year, the faculty and staff engaged in an activity in which the aim was to “catch a colleague” living our mission. Those of you who have been in the school kitchen recently may have noticed the large sheets of paper full of examples of how teachers have nurtured, empowered, and inspired not only their students, but their colleagues as well.

… the hours they spend beyond the regular school day – planning activities, gathering materials, assessing student work, and communicating with parents, not to mention attending evening events such as Science Fair and accompanying students on field trips. Kazoo teachers go above and beyond, giving up time with their own families, to ensure that every child has an exceptional experience.

… how they work flexibly and collaboratively to support one another. Last week was a perfect example of how the Kazoo School faculty pull together to keep the school running smoothly. With two teachers away on the 8th-grade trip, another on an accreditation visit to a fellow ISACS school in metro Detroit, and another beginning maternity leave, (and add to that a shortage of highly-qualified substitute teachers), the ship of Kazoo School would have been sunk without our “all hands on deck” approach.

For these reasons, and so many more, I am grateful to the remarkable teachers who have chosen to call Kazoo School their home. I find it a happy coincidence that Teacher Appreciation Week falls near Mothers’ Day each year. Teaching, like parenting, is an act of caring. Teachers build relationships of care with their students – they rejoice in students’ successes and carry the weight of their struggles.

I hope you will join me in thanking the Kazoo School teachers for everything they do, every day, on behalf of our students.

All my best,


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