Summer Session Testimonials

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“Being a CIT (Counselor in Training) was fun and I learned new things about leadership” – Maeve, 13
“The teacher was really creative in her assignments and she made sure that we were having fun and learning too.” – Laryn, 12
“It was really great to collaborate with others to create something.” – Caroline, 11
“We launched a rocket from the middle of the field and it went to the other side of the school!” – Gus, 10
“I remember dying things in art and it changed my perspective about how hard that is.  I like how we get to make choices and do activities that we like to do.” – Jonathon, 8
“It’s really sunny and it’s the perfect time to be at school!” – Earl, 7
“We took walks in the woods and learned about bugs, deer and other animals.” – Estelle, 6
“I remember when we made an enormous whale and it was super fun!” – Sarah, 6
“I was a fox!” – Saoirse, 4



“Our kids who were burnt out on school HATED to leave summer camp! They got to get dirty, use their imaginations and be creative in all the fun activities offered. The selection of activities changed every day and was both challenging and rewarding. Being able to spend outside time everyday brought new friendships and all sorts of fun outdoor games and activities! Thanks Kazoo school for another great summer!” – Genanne

“Our son was able to go to summer camp before starting Preschool. He loved the classes and became comfortable with the environment. When school actually began, he felt like it was his own place and he got to show all the other kids around. It really helped him to assimilate. I also appreciate that Carmine comes home from summer camp with dirt on his clothes and stories to tell. It shows that he had a good time immersing himself in the activities.” – Julie & Frank

“We have been very happy with Kazoo’s summer session. The hours are perfect for our work schedule and the cost is very reasonable compared to what we would pay a full-time babysitter. Maddie and Owen have so much fun with all of the activities and playing with their friends, that there have been days they have not wanted to leave! We are also happy that we can drop them off to a familiar environment and know they are safe and being well cared for.” – Valerie