Summer Session FAQ

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Is Kazoo School Summer Session open to kids not enrolled at Kazoo School?
Yes! All children preK through entering 8th grade are invited to join us at Kazoo School Summer Session!  PreK students should be 3 years old and potty trained by the time of their camp.

What is the deadline for registering for a summer program? We ask that registrations be made by 10am the Friday before the program starts.  We want to make sure that we have time to prepare for your student’s arrival on Monday morning.

What are the Refund/Cancellation policies? A 75% refund will be given for cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the session date.  Kazoo School reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Registrants will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the session start date and will receive a full refund for camps cancelled due to low enrollment.

I am thinking about enrolling my student at Kazoo School in the fall.  Should I send my student to Summer Session?
Some families like to use Summer Session as an opportunity for their children to “try out” Kazoo School.  It’s a really great way for kids (particularly preschoolers) to get familiar with the classrooms, schedule and staff.   Also, our Head of School is available to meet with you to discuss any questions that you might have about attending Kazoo School.

Is Kazoo School Summer Session licensed?
Yes, we are licensed under the State of Michigan and follow all guidelines and requirements.

What kind of training do Kazoo School Summer Session instructors have?
Our instructors are experts in their field! We have folks who are classroom teachers, folks who work in our after school program and as substitute teachers, folks who work for other local programs and folks who love sharing their special talents and interests with kids! Many have degrees in their topic area and years of experience under their belts.  Many of them are certified in first aid and CPR.  We hold our instructors to very high standards, and they meet them!

What kind of training do Kazoo School Summer Session Counselors-In-Training have?
Counselors-In-Training go through an application process that includes recommendations from two adults and a written essay. Once chosen, our Counselors-In-Training participate in a Leadership Camp.  The Leadership Camp is designed to increase responsibility, confidence, and includes a first aid component.  While the Counselors-In-Training will never be without an adult presence, we encourage them to take initiative as they support the instructors and staff.

What hours does Summer Session run?
Kazoo School Summer Session morning programs start every day at 9am, and go through 12:30pm.  There is then a half hour transition time in which morning-only campers get picked up, afternoon-only campers get dropped off, and full-day campers eat their lunch and get a few minutes of outdoor free play time.  Our afternoon programs run from 1:00-4:30pm.  If you need care before or after these times, Early Day is available starting at 8am, and Late Day goes until 5:30pm.  Early and Late Day are available at an extra cost.

Does Kazoo School Summer Session serve hot lunch?
We do not serve hot lunch.  Campers should pack snacks and a lunch (if they are full-day campers).  Water bottles should also be packed, as hydration is very important to us, particularly in the hot summer months!

Are there any discounts available?
We provide a $25 discount for campers signed up for full-day camp.  We also offer a 15% discount for siblings registering for Summer Session.  Siblings’ registration should be of equal or lesser value than the first camper’s registration.

Is financial aid available?
Kazoo School Summer Session is able to offer financial assistance.  A limited amount of financial assistance is available.  For more information, please call us at 269-345-3239.

What makes Kazoo School Summer Session different from other summer programs in the area?

  • Kazoo School Summer Session is an extension of our regular school year.  Kazoo School has a progressive education focus that meets students where they are, and provides opportunities for students to delve into topics of their choice.  While the programs have a topic of focus, they are designed to be cross-curricular.  This means that a Soccer camp will definitely focus on the basics of the sport, but the instructor might also choose (based on input and interests of the campers) to explore stories about soccer, learn about the history of soccer, do soccer-focused arts and crafts, and dive into the physics of soccer!
  • We are experts in fun!

Are there opportunities for my student to focus intensively on academics?
Yes! We know that in the months between when school lets out in June, and when it starts back up in September, many students need or want more practice and instruction in academic content areas.  We offer an opportunity for students to do just that. Whether you are looking for support for your student to stay up to date, or an opportunity to encourage your child to reach the next level, we have tutors available to help.  Our tutors are experienced educators, and are very skilled at helping to create opportunities for student success.