Summer Session

At Kazoo School Summer Session students engage with unique learning and leadership experiences. Our school’s mission extends into the summer, providing opportunities for active growth of the mind and heart. Kazoo School Summer Session enthusiastically celebrates extraordinary minds and encourages teamwork and creative problem solving.

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The Greta Berman Arbetter Kazoo School Summer Session camps challenge and develop the intellectual, physical, creative and artistic interests of students who want to reap the benefits of exciting experiences when school lets out in June.  Here at Kazoo School Summer Session, not only do we celebrate extraordinary minds, but we are also experts in fun!

We are so excited to once again be offering program from June 12 – August 11, 2017, with the exception of the week of July 4th.  We are offering week-long, half-day programs for students entering preschool through eighth grade.  Programs are always fun and educational, and follow Kazoo School’s progressive education roots.

Our programs provide hands-on exploration at our Hillcrest neighborhood campus, including the adjacent 50-acre Kleinstuck Preserve, and out into the greater Kalamazoo community.

Another program that we are offering is our Counselor in Training (CIT) program.  This program is for students entering seventh through ninth grade, and will provide them with a unique leadership experience that will serve them well as they move into high school and adulthood.


2017 Summer Session Catalog

Register for Summer Session
Registration is due by 10am the Friday before the program starts.  

A Week at Hogwarts is full! Please email us at gro.loohcsoozak@pohsibk if you would like to be added to the wait list.

Legos, Legos, Legos is full! But never fear! We have added a second opportunity for Lego lovers! In the mornings of the same week (July 10-14), we have added a second Legos, Legos, Legos.

Program added! We are offering another program for 1st-3rd graders that would like to register for the afternoons the week of July 10-14.  Pencils and Paintbrushes is all about drawing and painting. Participants will sketch, add details, dip into paints, and expand their creative minds.  Who knows what masterpieces will be created!

We are excited to be using an online system for registration called UltraCamp.  UltraCamp allows you to register family members all from one account, add programs with ease, and have greater access to your billing options.  We will do our best to assist you with any questions that you may have during your registration process.  Please do not hesitate to call 269-345-3239 if help is needed.

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