Student Profiles

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The Profile of a Kazoo School Graduate


  • Writes a cogent and persuasive opinion piece on a matter of public importance
  • Presents from memory a passage that is meaningful from literature or history
  • Exercises leadership in a project or service to others
  • Researches and executes a learning service effort
  • Assesses media coverage of a global event
  • Holds a conversation in Spanish
  • Uses statistics to assess if a statement by a public figure is accurate
  • Produces, performs, or interprets a work of art – performing or fine
  • Becomes engaged in a civic issue
  • Demonstrates an ability to make good health decisions
  • Charts active physical involvement over an extended period of years
  • Works within a team to build or create something of value
  • Demonstrates an ability to behave as a person with empathy
  • Creates an eight year portfolio that emphasizes intersecting personal, local, national, and global ideas.

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