School History

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photo_schoolhistory2Kazoo School began with an organizational meeting in October of 1972, attended by a small group of parents and teachers led by Christine Morgan and Stephen Phillips. The education of the whole child was the interest that bound those few parents and teachers at the beginning of the school’s development as they sought to build a challenging and nurturing program for their children. That interest and celebration of childhood continues to be the most important aspect of our educational mission.

With a clear sense of purpose, The Kazoo School opened its doors in January 1973; there were eleven children and two teachers in that first class. During its inaugural year, Kalamazoo’s new progressive school was housed in the former O’Brien High School (now part of St. Augustine’s). The following year the school moved into Kalamazoo’s Old Central High School and continued there until 1980 when it moved to Comstock. Year by year, enrollment grew, and in 1981 the middle school program was added with the help of a grant from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. Eager to return to the city, we were able to our current building (the former Hillcrest School) from Kalamazoo Public Schools.

photo_schoolhistory1For over 35 years, our goal has been to educate students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. We encourage  students academic excellence in an environment that values social responsibility and respect for others. We believe that small class size, a warm and supportive environment, and a commitment to the arts are all essential elements of a well-educated person.

Kazoo School has grown and developed because of the cooperative spirit nearly 40 years ago when parents and teachers worked together to found this incredible institution. That partnership continues today. The tradition of parents and teachers working together in school life remains a fundamental cornerstone of all we do.

We recognize that the accomplishment of our educational mission depends on the partnership of all constituencies and our continuing commitment to building a community of learners.