Violet Humphreys

Violet Humphreys2017-08-06T17:22:27+00:00 | Phone 269-345-3239 | Kazoo School Faculty since 2011

BA in Spanish from Western Michigan University

     About Me

As a Kazoo School alumna, being able to be a part of the current team of teachers here is a dream come true. I grew up in these halls, spending years 5 through 13 growing, learning, and becoming the person I am today. I have an innate understanding of project based learning and what we do here. Currently, I am the K-8th grade Spanish teacher, teach in the Extended Day Program, and co-teach our middle school service learning class. Being involved in so many parts of what we do here gives me an opportunity to get to know all of our students. One of my favorite things from my years as a student at Kazoo School were the friendships I had with students from other classes, and of different ages. In Extended Day I get to see these kinds of friendships form all the time. I know how this small environment can produce life-long family-like friendships. I have a unique perspective on the lives of our students. For me, this community environment helped build confidence and character that has guaranteed success and happiness in everything I do. I love being a part of our students’ growth because I know that they are also gaining that same confidence and self assurance that will lead to their own success and happiness! Outside of Kazoo School I enjoy traveling, gardening and spending time with friends and family outdoors.