Lex Fate

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lfate@kazooschool.org | Phone 269-345-3239 | Kazoo School Faculty since 2015
B.A. in German and English with a Secondary Education degree from Western Michigan University
B.A. in Art and Philosophy from Western Michigan University
     About Me

I am a third generation educator, and have had the privilege of seeing behind the scenes in education alongside my mother, who was a K.P.S. teacher. My belief in the necessity of education that inspires, honors, supports young people’s journeys is guided by my mother, ancestors, and loved experience having gone through K12 education. I have worked in education for the past three years, both in public schools and at Kazoo School. Kazoo School has drawn me in with its open-minded and nurturing environment and staff. I feel a true sense of community here, and that is what I believe the education of our children requires. Community is the structure in which relationships and understanding exist and grow, and without which the very real and needed socio-emotional elements of our humanity are not validated. I feel at home here at Kazoo and in progressive education, and it complements my activist and organizer background. I began at Kazoo teaching the summer camp Peacemakers, which is a social justice/issues centered camp where we explore racism, ableism, classism, (hetero)sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. I still teach at least one Peacemakers camp a summer. I believe children are the future, and as such need to be listened to and believed. I am proud to be learning from my colleagues as both friends and mentors, and helping to bring my unique identities, experiences, and potential to Kazoo.