Elvira Ubaldo Ace Ruiz

Elvira Ubaldo Ace Ruiz2018-09-11T10:41:36+00:00
eubaldoaceruiz@kazooschool.org | Phone 269-345-3239 | Kazoo School Faculty since 2017
BFA emphasis in Sculpture from Western Michigan University
BA Gender and Women’s Studies from Western Michigan University
     About Me

All my life, I was told that people could see me as a teacher, but I couldn’t see it because I despised homework. As my spirit called for a decolonized atmosphere, I assumed schools would be a place where I had to change my expression (considering that as a student I got in trouble a lot for dress code). When I learned about Kazoo School, I was pleasantly surprised that not only was this a place where my expression is encouraged, but many people that I met through WMU and/or activism were working there too. Being an advocate for youth, especially with marginalized identities, education has always been key to open people’s minds. I’m a strong believer in applying new knowledge whenever possible, including when conversing with humans younger than me. I’ve done this with my sister who is nine years younger than me and thanks to her, I have learned to elaborate new terms and ideology based on age. Being challenged helps me grow as a person and being asked why certain things are the way they are, brings me gratitude to be able to pass down empathy to other people, especially kids. I am grateful to be able to learn and converse with all of these students.