Elizabeth Batten

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ebatten@kazooschool.org | Phone 269-345-3239 | Kazoo School Faculty since 2016

B.S. in Communication and Women and Gender Studies from Grand Valley State University

     About Me

I moved home to Kalamazoo in December 2016 after two years in Ireland and Chicago where I was participating in a volunteer program post-graduation. Once in Kalamazoo, I heard about Kazoo School. A place where students lead their learning with their own interests? A place where learning is a collaborative experience and fun? How fantastic! I then started at Kazoo working in the Extended Day program. I found a place to be creative and inventive, all while being true to my beliefs that learning isn’t only from a teacher to students, and that it is a lifelong journey. I have also taught during Summer Session and was a teaching assistant in the Kindergarten classroom. I have been happy at Kazoo School ever since!