Kelly Zajac

Kelly Zajac2018-09-10T14:46:32+00:00 | Phone 269-345-3239 | Kazoo School Faculty since 20018
BS in Elementary Education and Spanish from Western Michigan University
     About Me
I’ve always loved being around and working with children, so teaching elementary school students was an easy decision. Their natural curiosity and enthusiasm brings me great joy.  Once I learned about progressive education, I was hooked. It has been a goal to teach within a school that supports that method of teaching and learning, so teaching at Kazoo School is a dream come true.
I have taught in urban, rural, and suburban areas in Kalamazoo and in North Carolina, which has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse array of students. Those experiences have further solidified my commitment to progressive education. When the whole child is supported, they can move mountains.