Join Our Kazoo School Community!

Join Our Kazoo School Community!

It’s never too late to find your home at Kazoo School! DSCF9423-crop With our rolling admissions policy, we welcome applications throughout the school year. Families come to Kazoo for many different reasons:

  • Some families recognize that Kazoo School is a safe place where every child is known, cared for, and respected. Our teachers provide students with personalized attention and develop a complete understanding of each student’s unique needs and interests.
  • Some value that Kazoo School goes beyond traditional academics to educate the “whole child” – including social, physical, and creative abilities. Students go “beyond the textbook” every day. Our students develop the skills to become responsible members of a global democratic society, with a strong commitment to community involvement and environmental sustainability.
  • Other families appreciate that Kazoo School is an independent school, where teachers have a greater level of autonomy in the classroom than in many other academic settings. They see that teachers are encouraged to be creative and flexible, and thus are able to construct unique learning experiences for their students.

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Parent testimonials:

“Kazoo has been a great environment for our daughter! She transferred from public schools in the middle of 1st grade and didn’t miss a beat. The staff, along with small class size, helped support the most ideal transition and relieved our transfer worries.  Kazoo’s supportive culture of individualized learning, inclusion and responsibility is a perfect fit for our family.” – Christy and Rob Moore

Our cross-country move to Kalamazoo was the first move for our 9-year old daughter, leaving a much-loved Montessori community behind. The Kazoo School offered our daughter new academic experiences in a supportive and creative environment. That mix of familiar and new made our transition so much easier and we’ve really loved settling in here.” – Kristina and Linh Nguyen


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