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Your contributions help us create the unique Kazoo School experience – a place where students are known and nurtured as individuals, where they are empowered to ask big questions and seek their own answers, and where they are inspired to work for social change.

The Annual Fund supports all of the elements that make the best education possible – field trips, technology, classroom materials, and professional development for teachers. It also supports our scholarship program, enriching our community by extending the opportunity for a Kazoo School education to children for whom it would otherwise not be possible.

That’s why your gift to the Annual Fund is so important, and why it makes such a difference. Every gift matters, every day. Please consider making a contribution; there’s no better investment in our future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Annual Giving necessary?

Tuition for Kazoo School covers about 90% of the School’s annual operating budget. Annual Fund helps bridge this 10% gap. Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, or parochial schools, which receive funding from a church, independent schools rely solely upon tuition revenues and philanthropic gifts to meet operating and capital expenses.

Why is participation important?

Kazoo School’s budget is set with a built in deficit that is only filled by annual giving and the generosity of individual givers. Our financial strength is dependent upon the participation of our entire school community. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join you in supporting the School.

Do corporations and foundations support Annual Fund?

Corporations contribute to Kazoo School by offering matching gifts to their employees’ contributions. You may want to check with your employer to see if such a program exists. Foundations generally give to Annual Fund appeals when there is a direct connection to the School. Kazoo School occasionally works with faculty to apply for grants when specific projects meet the criteria of a specific foundation.

Can I participate through a gift to the United Way?

Yes, you can designate Kazoo School as a recipient of your United Way donation. Simply enter the Kazoo School’s United Way number when completing your annual gift. Kazoo School’s United Way Code is: NS262

If I can only afford to make a small gift, does it really make an impact?

Yes! Kazoo School has fewer supporters than a larger school or charity. Because the number who can give is small and the need large,  every gift counts. Regardless of the size of the gift, it is an expression of your support. Participation matters!

Why is participation so important?

High participation is a vote of confidence, a sign that parents support the School’s mission. We strive for 100% participation. The high percentage is immeasurable when we are seeking gifts from outside sources, as most foundations consider parent participation before agreeing to donate funds to a school.

How much should I give?

This is a question that only you can answer. Because of the direct impact that these gifts have on the day-to-day activities at Kazoo, we hope you will give at the highest level you feel is most comfortable.

What is the best time to give?

We encourage individuals and families to pledge and make gifts early in the school year (between September and December). Early donations translate into lower administrative and communications costs per dollar raised. However, you can give at any time during the Annual Fund period that coincides with the school’s fiscal year from July 1st through June 30th.

Can I spread my payments out over time or do I have to pay it all at once?

Yes, you can spread your payments out over time. While your pledge amount to the annual fund must all be paid by June 30th, you can elect to pay monthly, quarterly, etc. Just contact the Business Office to determine the right plan for you.

What are the benefits to giving to Annual fund?

There are approximately 101 reasons to give to the Annual Fund – each with a unique face and talent. A gift to the Annual Fund directly benefits every child and can be seen in the many accomplishments across our diverse student body.

What areas of the School do Annual fund dollars support?

A gift to the Annual Fund supports these important school priorities:

  • Rich academic, athletic and arts programs
  • Retention of our skilled, motivated and caring faculty
  • Care for our 1920’s era campus and facilities
  • A safe place for students to take the kinds of risks that lead to greatness and stretch our students beyond their comfort zones
  • In short, every element of the School – from creating program to making sure we can turn on the lights – is supported by Annual Fund dollars.