Endowment Fund

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There may be no better barometer of a school’s long-term fiscal health than the strength of its endowment. Endowment provides annual support for the operating budget, drawing from the interest earned on invested funds. The principle is not spent, so the endowment is an important and reliable source of income beyond tuition.

The Greta Berman Arbetter Kazoo School encourages parents, past parents, alum, and friends of the school to establish endowed funds. Currently, the school is seeking to establish endowments for technology, the greening initiative, financial aid and faculty professional development.

For many supporters, contributions to endowment are attractive because they support the school on an on-going basis, in perpetuity.

Establishing Funds

An initial gift of $5000 is required to establish a new fund, and contributions can be made at any time. Income of approximately 4.5 % is drawn annually from each fund.

Ways to give to the Kazoo School Endowment:

Send a contribution to the general endowment, which supports all aspects of school life.

Establish an endowed fund in honor of a family or family member, a favorite classmate, teacher, or program at the school.

Establish an Annual Fund Endowment: Ensure that your annual support of Kazoo School will continue in perpetuity. A one-time gift of $5,000 would provide an annual gift in your name of approximately $250.

Next Steps:

Recognizing that you may have questions about the best way to make a gift to Kazoo School, we encourage you to contact the Business Office at 269-345-3239.